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My vision is to encourage millennials to live their truth through positive lifestyles and wellness to (re)create and existence of love & light in the world.

Her Story

Having graduated from college (for my parents) and going directly in a career that paid "good money" for a single 22 year old black woman, I was expected to feel accomplished. Just months later I was buying my first home. I was checking off boxes on the list of sh!t "I was supposed to do" left and right... but I wasn't happy. I was confused about about my own feelings, often ignoring them because I couldn't make them make sense. I was doing everything I was expected to do but I felt no fulfillment or true joy. The universe soon helped me remove myself from a life that served no purpose to my existence... that world, my world at the time, began to fall apart piece by piece. I fought for years trying to keep certain ideas of "I'm supposed to" alive ... feeling like I failed because nothing traditional worked for me. Every obstacle brought about new questions and doubts. In that I learned if you ask a question enough times with true sincerity to find the answer ... THE UNIVERSE WILL SPEAK TO YOU

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